Money Made Us Lazy

This post is  an amalgamation of conversations I had over the last few months with potential partners in the sister company LUPR .

Uniquely, this tech venture, LUPR does not need any (more) monetary investment.   What it does need is capital in expertise,  leadership, intelligence, initiative, etc..

Maybe it’s  this novel approach in asking for help in advice and mentorship,  that have almost every last one of the handful of people I offered the partnership to so skeptical.   In their own ways each said;  what basically comes down to: I will invest money,  but can not get otherwise involved.

Is entrepreneurship dead?  Did money make us so lazy that we expect it to roll up it’s sleeves and do the work for us?  Can money think and make discussions?   Are people so afraid to try and fail that they would rather have the buffer of money to blame if things don’t go right right-away? 

My contention is that the modern entrepreneur is lazy, cowardice and decadent.  Change my mind. 

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