F! You

Good, I have your attention.

I didn’t mean to be rude.   At times my competitive aggression comes across as rudeness.  Luckily  I’m not in business to win popularity contests.    A friend and business partner posted this article online.  It resonated with me.  It’s sweet and short and reminded me of the chapter in one of Stephen J. Dubner’s books.  I wish I could remember which book, but it’s about a Korean aircraft co-pilot that did not want to be rude to the  captain.  Asian culture has these funny conventions about “manners”, I guess.   It resulted in scores of people dying (I wish I could remember the details.  Like which chapter in which book – it might even have been in one of Malcolm Gladwell’s books…)

Since I mentioned the other author and pod-caster I love to hate, Gladwell has a very interesting episode called:  Pull the Goalie.    It is about being less agreeable.  And maybe a little rude. 

Worth a listen. 



Good CEOs are Readers

Apparently the good CEOs read about two books a week.  I want to be a good CEO one day.  Not sure where I will find the time.  Books are great; I’m sure you know, for the knowlage they carry.  But there is a great Ancillary benefits in the way they train your mind and keep it sharp and challenge  your preconceptions.  

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Here is the list and reviews of my library.