I’m not supper into trends. Two issues I have with it. One, it is the enemy of originality. Trend setters are not trend followers. Two, it is normal super duper delayed and often refuse to die. I mean, how is the glitch effect still a thing?!

Yet I will shout it out here and now for our friends at Envato for the rocking work they do.

The trend report can be seen here. This is the webpage.

So how is this useful? Well, your clients will ask for stuff they saw on the webs and you would be one step ahead of him/her. Do the work take the money and go forth (when the time is right) and set some trends of you own.

Quoting on Video

This post is edited from an email to a client that wanted a prospectus video made, but with the option of several smaller social media videos derived from it. 

Hello [Name redacted]
And thank you for your inquiry.
The costing for this sort of thing is divided into two parts.
Production; the “shoot”  with microphones and cameras.
Post production which include editing but mainly all the other nice things like motion graphics.
Actually, let me start with motion graphics.  You want to splurge on that a bit.
Do make sure that your video producer work in concert with your current graphic/branding/marketing team.
Insist that you have access to all the motion graphic that you pay for.
Of our clients, vlogers mainly, want to DIY  their videos.   Be cautions not to waste time or money by doing the motion graphics over for each video!
Before locking it down, you and your branding people must have a clear idea and definite expectations about the look and nature of the video campaign.  
Communicate the look and feel to the producers with reference links from Youtube.
A Motion Graphic Pack includes:
  • Flashy into
  • Ending with contact info and call to action
  • Lower 3rds (where the names and titles of the speaker will appear)
  • Branded transitions or stings
  • Social media pops
  • Canned music – Original music can be arranged at a cost.
  • Watermark
I want to underscore that with us you get these digital assets and are free to re-use it forever.  Remember the success of online video campaigns is build on quality and regularity.
Rolling…..and action.
Regarding the actual production; the shoot if you wish.  The rate for that comes down to the number of technicians for a quoted number of days.
A typical prospectus video breaks down as such:
  • One day research and development  (R & D), often with preliminary shooting. 
  • One day full production, filming the action, interviews or presentations
  • The production team consist of 2 to 3 people
  • B-roll and ruff cut, one day. 
If you have the budget  to put the production over the top, consider getting optional niceties like:
  • Original music – it help to make it less generic.
  • Professional voice over artist 
  • Wardrobe and make-up
  • Green screen and/or studio recording
  • Auto-Que for seamless addresses  
Time is Money!
I am equally adverse to wasting your money and my time.
The most expedient thing that you can do is to have a clear idea of what your needs are.  Watch a few comparable videos on Youtube and make a list of elements that you want to be incorporated. 
Copy the links into an email and ad your thoughts.
What we need from you to start the costing.
  • Script
  • Length of final video(s)
Do not be intimidated by the word “Script”.  Your organization likely has a prospectus or website already.   Cut and paste the relevant info from the existing literature into a word document.  Ad a few notes and tweaks and we are ready to start he process.
As mentioned, we do free 45 minute consultations on Wednesday mornings.  Subject to schedule.  After such an meeting we will come up with a costing.  Before production the costing will be replaced by a final quote.
The nature of video on the internet. 
Remember what I said at the beginning about the nature of video as a marketing tool on the internet.
You need it to be flashy and regular.  Please think of video and budgeting around the production not as a once-of but rather an continuum.
Keep in mind that trends change and; over time, you grow to better understand your clients.  Heck, you even grow to better understand your own organization! 
Be sensible in investing in great digital assets.   Opt to do shorter videos but more regularly. 
Finally, we understand working with budgetary constraints and will do what we can to spread the cost over the length of the campaign.
Furthermore, as a value add we incorporate  social media strategy to make your video super visible and easy to find online. 
At the end of the day, it would be a shame if a great video are never seen by anyone.

Thought Leader

Thoughts on Leadership

In case you did not pick up on it early, this is a parody on every TED Talk ever.   TED talks are certainly NOT a case of “seen them one, seen them all”, but lately it did start to feel; at least to me, as too much science and not enough art.    Oh, I’m not talking about the content.  I’m referring to the style of presentation.  TED got that down to a mathematical system.   Weather it was through trail and error or deep physiological research, the good people in academialand  managed to resurrect the PowerPoint Presentation from the hell of mundania to the purgatory of  academic pretencia.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love a good TED.  Rory Sutherland’s frustrated tirades about why advertising men (and women) can’t be in charge of the world.  Maybe the thing that I hold against them…is a grudge.

The Grudge

Ages ago I was a camera-man on a TED talk.  Local TED-X.    The TED people had more ego than talent.  The speakers was fine, but still a mixed bag of….well randomness.  The thing that got my goat was this.  I offered to edit one or a few of the videos.  My main disciplines in film making has always been the subtle things.  Sound design, color grading, editing as the main language of cinematography.  Team TED agreed to allow me to do one.  I chose the hardest one, but not only for that reason, the degree of difficulty.  As an editor one understand that you give the media what it asks for and not an inch more.  You certainly not want to attract attention to the editing.  In the case of this presentation, the media asked for allot! 

They hated it!  The main reason that was given; it was overwhelmingly unanimous, was that it just does not feel TEDish.  And they said it like it was a bad thing. 

My Advice to TED

Evolve or die.  15 years ago the movement was innovative.   In 2020 not so much.  Is TED still relevant?    When I asked this question to the 1st five people I came across before hitting publish, they all responded with:   WTF is TED?

Below is my cut of the video.  Let me know what you think.  Be honest.