DCL Creative  is a Cape Town based media affiliation with a strong emphasis on video production for online marketing.     It should not be a supersize to anybody that video is fast becoming  the de facto  online medium.    It is probably already the case. 

“We do what is hard”

JFK:  doing the harder thing, shows more diligence but also dominance.

While video production and post production services  is  the baseline of our business, we are not your run of the mill video production company.    Niche services is what set us apart.    4K video workflow,   multi camera live streaming & 360 degree solutions for  digital signage are foremost among such services.     The pièce de résistance however, is our guaranteed-to-trend marketing videos.     For real!    We have developed a system through constant experimentation that will make your video blow up.     Experience, hard work,  insight into tech & trends is what gave birth to this magic bullet for online visibility.      Did I mention it’s hard work?       It’s very hard work….

But hey, we do it so you don’t have to!

a special niche

Digital campaign manager for video content “Jack of all trades,  master of one”

You read that correctly.    Above is the original quote by Benjamin Franklin, often misquoted.   Franklin espoused the idea that a modern man  must have knowledge of a wide range of topics,  but that he have expert skill in a specific field.    In other words:  specialize.

DCL Creative subscribe to the specialization philosophy as it pertains to our field of video and media.     Each of the affiliates has  been in the game for decades.  Yet, we are constantly experimenting with different technologies to adopt  hybrid solutions for implementation in  the media industry.    Thus, not only is it about keeping up, nor simply having a competitive advantage.   It’s about stacking our services with much, much more value for you,   our clients.    And loading our products with fresh innovation, because if you look good, we look good.