Shows or Live Events

Capturing the essence of a live event is an art form that can truly bring these moments to life on screen.   Multiple camera angles add depth and dynamism to your footage, making the audience feel as if they’re right there in the front row.   It’s not just about preserving the memory; it’s about transforming it into an unforgettable visual experience.   Whether it’s the raw energy of a school play, the laughter at a comedy show, or the electric atmosphere of a live concert, our expert videography team knows how to immortalize the magic of these events with an award winning pedigree to boot.  Let us help you relive these extraordinary moments, over and over again, with our professional filming services. 

This is how we do it:

  • Minimum of two pro cameras + operators,  3 to 6 Camera angles are ideal. 
  •  Sound recording from the sound desk or MTR (Multi Track Recording) if needed.  (See optional extras.)
  •  After the shoot we spend about two days in post-production to make it extra nice.
  •  The end-product is rendered, transferred, uploaded or embedded for your convenience.
  •  You, the client get to have your say, as we include one free rework.

In case you need some optional extras:

  • More pro cameras + operators.
  • Unmanned and/or rigged action cameras for covering unobtrusive angles.
  • Live streaming over the internet or to another location.
  • Multi Track Recording or MTR for live music events – like this one.
  • Relay to big screens.   Like  music festivals with the big screens at the back.
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