For videographers who does conferences and webinars.

Digital Video Lights

01 Croma-Vid Portable LED Light x2

Lights for videographers.  Uses include but not limited to conferences, podcasts and webinars
  • Set of two lights, 50w each
  • Work with battery or AC power
  • Adjustable color & Dimmable
  • Compact and light weight
  • Ideal for key-, fill- or back-light
  • 2.5 Meters high

R200 per day (Ts & Cs)

This set of Digital Video Lights are perfect for digital video production, offering versatility in size and power. Easily adjust the color, and choose between battery or AC power options. Perfect lights for digital video production.
*Rental terms & conditions

02 Manfroto LED-Light 50w

Videography need good lighting.
  • Extender with Manfroto Shoe
  • Handheld or with standard tripod
  • 50w  Work with AC power
  • Neutral color (6000k)
  • Comes with high-tech diffusion film
  • Option of wide throw filter
  • Compact and light weight
  • Ideal for key-, fill- or back-light
  • 3.5 Meters high
  • Use with silk brolly, soft box or “Chinese lantern”

R200 per day (Ts & Cs)

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Use it like a mic boom for precise light angle adjustments. Great for moving shots, versatile from any angle, and enhances the look with a silk umbrella. Achieve cinematic magic in close proximity.
*Rental terms & conditions

03 LED Flood Light

Lighting for audio visual rental
  • Suited for harsh condition
  • 50w -Uses AC power
  • High-tech diffusion
  • Neutral color (6000k)
  • Compact and light weight
  • Ideal for fill- or flood-light
  • 3 Meters high

R200 per day (Ts & Cs)

This unit serves multiple purposes beyond a normal Digital Video Lights. It offers a soft, wide, non-blinding throw for backstage work and excels at far-flood or corner bouncing. When you need a little extra light, it gets the job done.
*Rental terms & conditions

04 LED EZ-Flo Lights 50w-100w

Audio Visual lights to rent for webinars and podcasts
  • Expandable light bar
  • 50 -100w – Uses AC power
  • Neutral color (6000k)
  • Compact and light weight
  • Ideal for ambient set lighting
  • 2 Meters high

R200 per day (Ts & Cs)

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This light is a Kino-Flo alternative, suitable for use with or without a stand. It naturally provides soft lighting, ideal for both sets and subjects.  Ideal lights for digital video.
*Rental terms & conditions

05 Tilt-Flo LED-Light 50w

Videographer in the AV industry love to use these lights for conferences.
  • 50w – Uses AC power
  • Neutral color (6000k)
  • Compact,  lightweight & easy to use
  • Ideal for overhead set lighting
  • Soft faltering throw
  • 3.5 Meters high

R200 per day (Ts & Cs)

This light is a versatile Kino-Flo alternative, suitable for standalone use or rigging to existing structures. Its adjustable tilt and pivot make it perfect for full-body shots. It naturally provides soft lighting for sets, subjects, and products.  
*Rental terms & conditions

06 PTL LED-Light 100w

Lights to rent for videographers in Cape Town
  • Lightweight but steady
  • 100w, 50w a side -Uses AC power
  • Neutral color (6000k)
  • Highly flexible – extends very high
  • Ideal for fill- or ambient-light
  • Choice of high-tech defusing &/or wide throw filter
  • Great with “Chinese lantern”, silk brolly or soft box

R200 per day (Ts & Cs)

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Our unique light set is perfect for digital video production. Compact and easy to set up, it’s highly versatile, serving as an ideal flood or fill light. When paired with the right filters, it adds a flattering touch to your subject.  
*Rental terms & conditions

Rental Terms & Conditions*

  • Unfortunately no hiring to walk-in customers.  Our policy is to only deal with bona-fide companies or technicians.   Contact us to be on-boarded as one of our freelance crew.
  • Majority of equipment is available for rent only as part of a kit or as an optional add-on to an existing package.
  • New renters must please allow time for prior vetting.  ID, upfront payment and a deposit might be required. 
  • Some equipment pieces are NOT available for “dry-hire”, and are only hired when accompanied  with a technician.
  • Renters are responsible and liable for all gear once it leaves our premises.
  • Delivery and collection within 30 km of Cape Town CBD.
  • “One day” defined to mean same calendar day, not to exceed 10 hours including travel, set-up and strike down.
  • All rentals are on a per-day basis.  Late returns will be charge for per day or part thereof. 

*All transactions subject to a formal written quote.  

Learn more about the topic…

Illuminating Success: The Importance of Sufficient Digital Video Lights

In the realm of video production, lighting is often hailed as one of the most crucial elements for achieving professional-quality results. Proper lighting not only enhances visibility and clarity but also sets the mood, directs focus, and elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of the video. From cinematic masterpieces to corporate presentations, the importance of using sufficient lights cannot be overstated. Moreover, selecting the right lighting equipment for the specific application is equally essential, as it can significantly impact the quality and effectiveness of the final product.

At its core, lighting serves several fundamental purposes in video production. Firstly, it ensures adequate illumination of the scene, allowing the camera to capture clear and detailed images or footage. Insufficient lighting can result in underexposed or grainy visuals, detracting from the overall quality and professionalism of the production. By strategically positioning lights and adjusting their intensity, videographers can control brightness levels and minimize shadows, ensuring optimal visibility and image clarity.

Furthermore, lighting plays a crucial role in creating mood and atmosphere, enhancing storytelling, and evoking emotions in the viewer. Different lighting setups, such as high-key or low-key lighting, can convey varying tones and moods, from bright and cheerful to dark and dramatic. Whether it’s a romantic scene bathed in soft, warm light or a suspenseful sequence shrouded in shadow, the right lighting can effectively communicate the intended mood and enhance the narrative impact of the video.

Additionally, proper lighting helps to direct the viewer’s focus and draw attention to key elements within the frame. By using techniques such as highlighting, spotlighting, or backlighting, videographers can emphasize specific subjects, objects, or areas of interest, guiding the audience’s gaze and reinforcing the intended message or theme of the video. Whether it’s highlighting a product in a commercial or illuminating a speaker during a presentation, strategic lighting enhances visual hierarchy and improves viewer engagement.

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Moreover, lighting contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal and production value of the video. Well-lit scenes appear more polished, professional, and visually appealing, while poorly lit footage can appear dull, flat, and uninteresting. Properly executed lighting enhances contrast, depth, and texture, adding depth and dimension to the visuals and creating a sense of visual richness and depth. Whether it’s a corporate video, a music video, or a film production, investing in sufficient lighting equipment can elevate the production quality and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

However, achieving optimal lighting in video production requires more than just turning on a few lights. It involves careful planning, experimentation, and often the use of specialized lighting equipment tailored to the specific requirements of the project. From traditional tungsten and fluorescent lights to modern LED panels and RGB fixtures, there is a wide range of lighting options available to videographers, each with its own unique characteristics and applications.

Selecting the right lighting equipment for the right application is paramount to achieving desired results in video production. Different types of lights offer varying color temperatures, beam angles, intensity levels, and special effects, allowing videographers to customize their lighting setups to suit the specific needs of each project. For example, tungsten lights are known for their warm, natural-looking illumination and are often used in indoor settings, while LED lights offer greater energy efficiency, flexibility, and color accuracy, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor shoots.

Moreover, the size, shape, and output of the lights must also be taken into consideration when selecting lighting equipment. Larger light sources, such as softboxes or diffusers, produce softer, more flattering light and are suitable for illuminating people or objects with smooth, even coverage. On the other hand, smaller lights, such as spotlights or fresnels, offer more concentrated beams of light and are ideal for highlighting specific subjects or creating dramatic effects.

Additionally, the versatility and portability of lighting equipment are essential factors to consider, particularly for on-location shoots or remote productions. Lightweight, compact lights with adjustable mounting options and battery-powered capabilities offer greater flexibility and convenience, allowing videographers to adapt to various shooting conditions and environments with ease.

Furthermore, renting the correct lighting equipment for the right application can help videographers save time, money, and resources. Instead of investing in a vast array of lighting gear outright, renting allows videographers to access the latest equipment and technologies as needed, without the burden of ownership or maintenance costs. Moreover, rental companies often provide expert advice, technical support, and flexible rental terms, ensuring that videographers have access to the right tools and resources to bring their creative vision to life.

In conclusion, the importance of using sufficient lights in video production cannot be overstated. Proper lighting enhances visibility, sets the mood, directs focus, and elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of the video. Moreover, selecting the right lighting equipment for the right application is equally essential, as it can significantly impact the quality and effectiveness of the final product. By investing in high-quality lighting equipment and renting the correct gear for each project, videographers can unlock endless creative possibilities and achieve professional-grade results in their video productions.

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