Textbook Talks

This women is firing pearls with an Uzi. The video below is about how to do a good TED talk, and present it in the best possible way. Presenters and producers should be able to glean allot from it. Enjoy.

Below is one of the TED videos I shot and edited. This is an example of the hardest one I had done. Despite issues out of our control, like lighting design, this speaker had too much words over too many images all at the same time. So the choice for the editor, me, was to show either the presenter or the images….. or both. The people at TED hated this cut, and I honestly do not blame them. It simply does not have the look and feel of a TED video. But the lesson learnt was this:

A TED talk must start as a TED talk to end up as a TED Talk.

(I’m talking about visualization and planning, in case you missed the point.)

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