Compare Apples with Apples

Think Different

No one understand advertising better than the people at Apple, or Mac, or Apple Mac, which ever you prefer.   This was  Apple’s “Think Different” advertising campaign 1997-2002. 

As one would expect, the fanboys and Cult of Mac went mad over it, but the concentric circles reached much wider out to media and advertising.  For years that was the look everyone went for.   The video was fine and all, but compare it to this one:  Here’s to those who have always seen things differently,  Published on Sep 9, 2014.


Two things can be gleaned from this.

  1. Apple has matured as a brand.  Which one of the two screams out:
    I AM MAC!
  2. Which one is more genetic?  Which is to say, which one will/can be eazily imitated for half a decade by every second rate rinky-dink “ad agency” in housewife suburbia? 

This is a no brainier.     Jobs would say:  “Don’t be generic.”  I’m sure he would’ve.

Don’t be generic.
Don’t be generic.  SP Jobs.


Here is some real Steve quotes for those who are into that sorda thing.



dr evil trend

I’m so over the glitch effect.

It is even still a thing?  Sutterstock seems to think so.  Is it a nostalgia to, IDK, like 2005 when tech wasn’t as good as it is today?   May this “trend”…which I guess if it is older that 3 years you can’t really call it that anymore, may it die and go away forever.




Ethnography is the systematic study of people and cultures. It is designed to explore cultural phenomena where the researcher observes society from the point of view of the subject of the study.   An ethnography is a means to represent graphically, through video documentation or in writing the culture of a group.

Who has read the book by Paco Underhill, 
Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping

There is a revised edition  out for the internet-era.  I cannot wait to get my nose in one.   Having said that, the new edition is already more than a decade old.    It will be a curious read.  

After disruption there is a reversion to the norm. 

For TV and video producers this is the worse of times and the best of times.    Tech is cheap, the tools of the trade is great and the resources on how to use them is ample.    But what is missing?    Experience, maybe?   A deeper understanding of the old systems gave form to the new?

Let me break it down for you

Before we shoot a single frame, we take keywords from the provided script and see how they will behave as search phrases.  Below is a screen grab from a company that we used to do work for.    This company;  like many others at the time, moved all their media in-house.  There is nothing wrong with such a move per say, as long as it works.  In this case, it seems to me,  that it does not.

The Production value is great, but the view count tells a different story.


Wasting Your Money is Wasting Our Time

In this category of miscellaneous, no two videos are the same.  You can try to hang tags on it…

    • product demonstration or how-to video
    • leadership address video
    • corporate messaging
    • staff training or initiation video
    • company profile video
    • making off or behind the scenes
    • promotional video for products or services
    • brand booster clips – which is all the rage right now

Starting the process with a video production professional can be just as numbing as it is cumbersome to get through. The most expensive item during such an exercise is what I coin mind-labor. The more time and brainpower the producer will have to exert to figure out what your needs and preferences are, the higher your invoice will be at the end of the day.   Below is a simple roadmap for making things easier on both parties.

“Having a clear idea of what you want will save you up to 70%”

Before you contact a video producer, form a clear and relisting idea of what the video you intend to pay for must be and what it must achieve . Write notes on the following:

A) Objective – rank the priority

  1. inform
  2. educate
  3. entertain
  4. instruct

B) Purpose – this video must:

  1. convert more customers
  2. attract more clients
  3. engage or interact

          • Make a list of all the points that must be hit in the video.
          • This is not a script but will become the basis of one.
          • Go over the list and edit it. Combine point and omit lesser important ones.
          • Give the producer a clear idea about the style that best fit your brand. Do this by composing a short list of You Tube links with cryptic notes on what you fancied about each.
          • Have realistic expectations. Go look at the budget and then revisit the clips mentioned above.

When you get to this point please contact us for a free 45 minute consultation. Send all of the above ahead 48 hours before the meeting. We will honestly instruct you on the best cause of action. We even do something no one else does, we will get you 2 other quotes; so you’ll have 3 in total.

Speaking for things that we do that no one does:
We make videos that trend and we guarantee that they would.

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