Golden Ration and now THIS!

(AKA say no to vertical video)

Golden Ratio in opposition to ever changing ratio for SM and hand held devices.
Golden Ratio vs. New Ratio

For millennia, learned men (and women, no doubt) have been infatuated with the mathematical beauty in music, art, architecture and geometry.

The name they gave to it:  The Golden Ratio. 

Fast forward a few decades and we get this mess:


I’m only being facetious.    I’m sure this lady does grand work.  It seems to be the case.  But as a film school graduate and incurable cinemaphile, I’m still a hard line 16:9-er  (cinematic  ratio for wide screen).     It’s simply more dramatic and artistic.   Not to mention being  the new norm after the 50 year pan/scan abortion  which was 4:3 box TVs, pft!

I’m curiously looking at these ratios and sizes and how best to display them on the de-facto device,  your fondle-block.   The little wonder in your pocket.  You know,  your phone.  (Have anyone noticed we don’t even call them smart phones any more?)  Where will it end?

For now, I’m drawing a hard line at vertical video.  HARD NO! from me.

IDK man.  Ask me again in 30 years. 

Hello Indeed

Hey, our new site has a bog section.   Never fancied myself a blogger, but I’ll put this space to good use as a “news & info” section. The “category” and “search” function on blogs should make life easier for you if you need to search the site fast.
In the meanwhile, here is a video of a talking sausage dog.