Before you start

Before you start

Every project is unique, and our approach is designed to make the video production process enjoyable while ensuring your videos meet their objectives, whether it’s for education, promotion, or presentation. We believe in clear communication with our clients to set realistic expectations for what their videos can achieve. The most significant cost factor in your invoice is often the producer’s expertise and effort. Quality work takes time, and we understand that time equals money. While we take pride in our efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we don’t compromise on our expertise. We aim to simultaneously not waste your money nor our time. Below, we outline a straightforward roadmap to simplify the collaboration between clients and producers.

video media

Before hiring a video producer, establish a clear and realistic vision of your video’s purpose and goals. Write notes on the following:  Objective, Purpose, Look and Feel.

A)  Objective –  Choose & rank your top 3

    1.   inform
    2.  educate
    3.  entertain
    4.  instruct
    5.  simply demonstrate/show
    6.  attract more customers
    7.  engage with clients
    8.  interact with the market
    9. create awareness

B)  Purpose

    • Serve as a standalone asset
    • Be part of a larger campaign containing many more video
    • Integrate with other media such as social media, web-pages and online shops

C)   Look and feel

    • Length of video
    • Artwork like music, animation, presentations, etc.
    • Series vs. one long clip (even both)
    • Target audience
    • Brand alignment

  • Create a comprehensive list of point to be covered.  This is not the shooting script but are an essential step forming one.
  • Edit the list.  Combine points where possible and omit lesser interesting ones. 
  • Clearly convey your brand’s essence to the producer.
  • Share YouTube clips as examples for preferences.
  • Consider your expectations in the light of restraints such as time and budget. 
  • Realign your budget/expectations with your video objectives.

When you’re ready to take the plunge, shoot us a one-page email outlining your ideas based on the list above. For serious prospects, we go the extra mile: We’ll produce a complimentary sample clip to prove our commitment to meeting your expectations. This effort also helps us ensure a perfect match for our own fresh and adventurous style.

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