Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

  1. A 65% deposit is required to secure the date, with the remaining amount due before setup on the event day.
  2. Post-production fees are payable upon reasonable completion (presentation or delivery of the final draft).
  3. *Online edits, including alterations, are charged per hour or part thereof.
  4. **Music and sound production are treated as separate disciplines unless “canned music” (generic music) is acceptable to your taste.
  5. If payment cannot be made before the production date due to administrative reasons, a sufficient lead time is required for vetting, and a bonafide purchase order must be provided well in advance.
  6. Crew needs 2 to 3 hours for setup, and a site inspection may be necessary in some cases. Ensure venue access is arranged.
  7. Reserve parking near the loading entrance, and provide sufficient security for the safety of our crew, gear, and vehicles.
  8. The absence of security or a security failure leading to an inability to deliver the product or service constitutes a breach of contract, with the client still liable for full payment.
  9. We assume responsibility only for our crew and gear. Technical failures beyond our control will not be accepted as an excuse for non-payment (e.g., a break in the audio feed to the video stream).
  10. Contingencies and expenses not mentioned here will be charged for. (e.g., Parking.)
  11. Unless negotiated otherwise, all assets, digital or IP, remain the property of the creator.
  12. Video producers retain the right to use or reuse material for their own marketing or promotional purposes.
  13. For shooting venues more than 50 km outside of Cape Town CBD limits, a transport levy may be charged.
  14. For events exceeding the agreed-upon time or extending beyond a standard working day, charges will apply on a pro-rata, overtime, or double-time basis, following industry norms and regulations.
  15. There is a basic surcharge for achieving and uploading footage to cloud storage services. This is calculated per GB and quoted on case per case basis.
  16. Finally, at DCL Creative, we follow the principle of reasonableness. Clients with a clear vision, realistic expectations, and precise descriptions will not incur additional charges beyond the quoted amount. However, for organizers frequently changing requirements, especially when significant alterations to the program are needed, we will notify you of additional charges or levies. In some cases, a complete re-quoting may be necessary.
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