Event Video

What would an event be without video?

Corporate event video with live streaming webinar
PDF version can be found here. (Right-click ‘Save Link As’.)

The basics include:

  •  Two pro camera operators, each with modern broadcasting cameras.
  •  Depending on your needs, a producer or director or relevant technician.
  •  Sound recording via lapel microphone or shotgun microphone.
  •  Unmanned and/or rigged action cameras for covering alternative angles.
  •  After the shoot we spend two full days in post-production to make it extra nice.
  •  The end-product is rendered, transferred, uploaded or embedded for you.
  •  The client get to have his or her say, as we include a free rework in the price.

Optional extras include; but are not limited to:

  • More pro cameras with operators.
  • Live streaming over the internet or  to another location.
  • Multi Track Recording or MTR for live music events – like this one.
  • Relay to big screens.   Imagine those rock shows with the big screens by the side.
  • An array of specialty services can be found under this heading.   

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