Who Knew?

I always wondered about this:   (Original article )

I am sure almost everyone here has seen this portrait before.

This is the default wallpaper of Windows XP.

This picture looks like a Photoshop’s work but no its 100% real with 0% editing.

Now, this is Charles O’rear. The man who clicked this picture.

Charles was on his way to his girlfriend’s house and suddenly he saw a beautiful sunny hill.

He paused his car and clicked few pictures.

Later, he sold the picture to an advertising company as a stock photo.

Many years later, Microsoft found it. They agreed to license it from Charles, and made it the default background for Windows XP.

It is believed that this is most viewed picture ever. It’s been seen on roughly one billion computers.

And that’s how a guy pulled over on the side of a road and took the most viewed picture.

Yes, lucky are those who have a girlfriend.