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General Info

CD & DVD duplication, replication and printing

The backbone of our business isn't  just media creation, but also platform development.
The bigger challenge these days is not what to produce but for who?   What 20 years in the industry has thought us is to have a 360 mindset.   We start every single project
with this simple question:
How will you get people to watch?

Content Creation

Digital media content creation

We have a large network of creative who pitch against each other in the spirit of competition in free markets.  It ensures efficiency and a perfect match with our clients.

Digital Duplication

In this era of format wars we have every conceivable weapon in our armor.  In addition to doing disc duplication & media such and flash drives & SD cards,  we have also taken to develop an unique streaming device called LUPR.   Read more about it here.

Technical consultant

Keeping our finger on the pulse of what is new, combined with the knowledge of what has been tried & tested.   Throw in some innovation and creative problem solution and voila,
you are ready to face the future.

Retail media

Over more than a decade we have developed somewhat of a niche for retail soundscaping.  Not only do we have the expertise that come   over many years, we also have the unique apocalypse proof steaming device named


Corporate Communication

If you have an orgenisation where allot of training happens.   Or you have to comunicate to staff & representatives on a regular basis.
Then we might be able to help you out with our knowlage & experience.

Duplication Services

CD & DVD duplication is still surprisingly popular as a novelty product.  It's still the best option for monetizing
your projects.  Also as a tangible conduit for data, especially where you prefer your data not to be public.

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Latest Projects

New content will rotate in as it becomes available.    These are our most watched videos on Youtube

TV & Video Production

In the current environment, time is paramount.  Production time that is.   But also the time it take to negotiate and tailor a quote.   Thus, we came up with pre-structured packages that are formulated to be super efficient and even more cost effective.   The only thing we do not skim on is quality.   Some projects fall outside of the structured packages.
(All jobs are subject to standard terms and conditions as per formal quote.)

Please Contact Us

Land phone:(+27) 21 8024106 (duplication)

Land phone:(+27) 21 8021295 (video)

Mobile Deon:  (+27) 82 83 99556


Monday - Friday, 8am -5pm

20% Urgency-levy on weekends & after-hours

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