Video Production

The backbone of our business is video production. With the advent of fast internet and rich media, this has become an important ingredient in marketing, education and entertainment.  Not only do we constantly strive higher, we also look horizontally.  That means that we're constantly in search of ways to make video work for you.

TV Production

In the current media climate,  rapid turnaround time is crucial!  We get that.  We consistently remind ourselves of that.  In both TV and video production we hold the same philosophy:   It is not (just) about getting the job done, but getting it done in time.  And within budget. Super-efficiency and cost effectiveness is the baseline of our MO. 

CD & DVD Duplication

Our research showed that CD, DVD and now Bluray is still a great way to move your data.  Be it for a trade show, where you want to give potential clients something tangible or for a school production that need to be monetized.

Creative Consultant

Not only will we make your marketing material; we will also make sure that it goes all the way.  Every one minute that you neglect to spend on R & D is three minutes that will be wasted on figuring out what went wrong. 

Podcast & Internet Radio

South Africa is soon to reach it's digital apex. We glean from 1st world models and then inport it into the SA culture. Podcasting (AKA internet Radio) is fast, fun and effective. Let us show you how.  (And don't forget Vodcasting!) 


We have a small, but tight network of freelancers that we can lend or rent to you.   We are self-regulating in our structures and standards.  The network serves as a support system and also an accountability group.  You won't be left hanging - ever.

Latest Projects

CD & DVD Duplication Service

CD & DVD duplication is a service that we offer to our clients.  Allot of data travel over the internet these days, but DVD or Bluray is still the best format for monetizing your projects.  Also as a tangible calling card at trade shows, a disc makes a nice "brochure"  that can hold a great amount of rich media.  ( Right-click or cnrl+click to save on your own device)

TV & Video Production

In the current environment, time is paramount.  Production time that is.   But also the time it take to negotiate and tailor a quote.   Thus, we came up with pre-structured packages that are formulated to be super efficient and even more cost effective.   The only thing we do not skim on is quality. 

Some projects fall outside of the structured packages.   All jobs are subject to standard terms and conditions as per formal quote.

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